Meet The Primers

A Primer is a student leader who will serve as an Orientation guide and support your student throughout the academic year.  During Orientation in September, every new student will be assigned to a Primer who will accompany them to sessions, answer questions and help them transition to the MassArt community.  Primers represent a wide range of academic disciplines and are extremely resourceful. They are excited about getting to know your students and assisting them in any way they can.  Each student will be placed in a group of about 18 freshmen that is led by a Primer during Orientation.

Who will your student’s Primer be?


Meet the Primer Staff

Lead Primers 2018
Hannah Clark

My name is Hannah (she/her/hers), I am a junior in sculpture and sustainability.  I’m from the beautiful Hamden CT; I love carrots, cows, Tyler the creator and the great British Bake Off.  My favorite thing about MassArt is the community you create, there is such room for collaboration!

Brendan Kenny

My name is Brendan (he/him/his) and I’m suuuuuuper excited to be a Lead Primer this year!! I’m from Malden, MA and I’m going into my junior year in the Fibers department! I love to knit and I listen to Express Yourself by Madonna every morning when I get out of bed:) My favorite part of MassArt is it’s amazing community and all the wonderful people that I’ve met here!

Wren Quinn

Hi I’m Wren (they/them) and I’m excited to be one of your Leads this year! I’m a senior in Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) and Fibers and I’m from Berkley, MA.  I’ve held a bunch of jobs at MassArt, and by far my favorite thing is all the amazing creative people I’ve met along the way! Interests include songs that are five minutes or longer, dyeing my hair every three weeks, and loving that tiny frog with every fiber of my being.

Morgan Vernon

Name: Morgan Vernon.
Hometown: Essex, Connecticut.
Class Year: Junior
Major: Fashion Design (minor in glass).
Fun fact: My favorite run in our area is to Jamacia Pond.
My favorite thing about MassArt is without a doubt the community that surrounds me. The professors genuinely care about my growth as a designer and are a vital part of my creative process. The student body is filled with diversity and inspiration. I’m proud to call MassArt my home.

Primers 2018

Daniel Berube

My name is Daniel Berube (he/him/his) and I am a Sophomore studying Graphic Design.  While I am studying Graphic Design, I also am a freelance portrait photographer and enjoy traveling and finding unique places.  My favorite thing about MassArt is the people I have met as well as the location and resources the school has to offer.

Ariel Brenna

Hey guys! My name is Ariel (she/her/hers) and I’m a Senior in Illustration. My hometown is Glenside, Pennsylvania (which is right around Philadelphia) and I love living in Boston! I absolutely love animals (I’m obsessed with pugs) and a lot of my illustrations are of animals, not surprisingly.  My favorite thing about MassArt is being surrounded by a community of fellow artists and being able to draw inspiration from each other.

Riley Cady

Name: Riley Cady (she/her/hers)
Hometown: Fairport, NY
Class Year: Junior
Major: Illustration
Fun Fact: Knows how to talk to birds
Favorite Thing About MassArt: Loves the friends she’s made along the way!


Kate Costello

Hello I’m Kate (she/her/hers)!  I’m from Scituate, Rhode Island and I’m a junior in Animation.  I love dogs, cool socks, and sketchbooks.  One of the things I love the most about MassArt is being able to collab with friends in all different majors and being surrounded by like-minded art-loving people!  A fun fact about me is that I’m training to run the Boston marathon by my senior year!

Zoe Cronin

Greetings Class of 2022! My name is Zoe (she/her/hers) and I am from Wayne, NJ.  I am a sophomore majoring in Art Education with a minor in Sustainability. I love traveling and am excited about studying abroad in Ireland this summer! Some fun facts about me are that I am gluten-free, I’ve have been to 35/50 states, and am an obsessive knitter! On campus, I am involved in MassArt Action for the Planet and the Alternative Spring Break Habitat for Humanity trip. I’ve really enjoyed being part of MassArt’s tight-knit and vibrant community within the larger city of Boston, and I hope you will too!
Can’t wait to meet you!!

Caroline Del Vecchio

Hey there! I’m Caroline (she/her/hers)!
I am from Orange, CT and am going to be a senior in Industrial Design! Fun fact about me: I’m a Co-chair of the MAC Board (MassArt Activities Council Board) and work with the board to plan and execute fun events for students on and off campus! My favorite thing about MassArt is the community. Everyone here wants to help you succeed and make connections, which is super helpful as a evolving artist/designer.

Elizabeth Derby

Hiya! I’m Elizabeth (she/her/hers) and I’m from Larchmont, NY.  I’m a sophomore in Illustration and will be graduating in 2021! I’ve jumped off a (small) cliff in Iceland and have a mild fear of seagulls.  I can most likely be spotted in the courtyard or comic section of the library-they’re my favorite spots at MassArt.

Maggie Favazza

Hello! My name is Maggie Favazza (she/her/hers), I’m from Hamilton, Massachusetts and am excited to show you around MassArt!! I am a sophomore in Fashion Design but also have skills in losing one shoe out of a pair and petting dogs I meet. I really like chickens, not for eating but as pets, and can identify most chicken breeds.  My favorite part of MassArt is the friendly and warm community, which I am thrilled to welcome you too!

Jayne Flessa

Hey! My name is Jayne (she/her/hers) and I’m from Pine Bush, New York.  I’m a junior in the Film/Video department, and I’m minoring in Creative Writing which is our school’s newest minor! Fun fact about me, my parents are divorced and both remarried, and I have 5 siblings in total.  My parents still get along to the point where we’ve been able to go on collective family vacations with the 4 adults and 6 kids.  Coming to a school like MassArt has been amazing because the environment is so accepting of everyone and anyone and I hope you all enjoy your first year as much as possible!

Eda French

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hello! My name is Eda French (she/her/hers) and I am a senior in Illustration from Portland, Maine! Some of my favorite things are: Wes Anderson movies, my cats Jack and Mei, french bulldogs, hiking, lip-syncing Britney for my life, competitive swimming and frisbee! My favorite thing about MassArt is our wonderful community and awesome events that are always happening around campus! I also love being a part of MassArt’s Student Government! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Aiden Gerstmyer

HEY EVERYONE! My name’s Aiden (he/him/his), I’m a senior in illustration and I’m originally from Concord, Massachusetts.  This is my second year as a commuter student and I’m living on Mission Hill this year.  I love Studio Ghibli and David Lynch, making my own totally-not-lame vaporwave remixes, scraggly linework, Gustav Klimt, and giving my friends randomly generated nicknames.  My favorite thing about MassArt is our awesome little family of charismatic and talented professors and students and I’m super excited to welcome you all to it! Have a great summer!

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Hi all! Im Kaitlyn Kennedy (she/her/hers), your local MassArt Primer and I love dogs, people and the color pink.  Im a junior in Animation here at MassArt and I un-ironically love Barry Manilow (specifically Copa Cabana).

Jake Lutter

My name is Jake (he/him/his) and I am from Lunenburg, MA.  I️ am a junior and I️ am a double major in Film video and Graphic Design.  I️ like to skateboard, write music and cry… crying is tight.  I️ have a dog named Ben and a twin brother.  My favorite thing about MassArt is the community of passionate art makers and designers.  The way each student cares about their own body of work and others.  I️ love the critiques and the feedback.   And recognition for creating something truly amazing.   Plus Boston is rad.   And our school is in it which is awesome.

Liam Mahoney

Liam Mahoney (he/him/his) is a good boy who was born in the year 1997; though some would say engineered.  He was picked up by MassArt in his senior year of high school and has been a proud subject ever since.  His mother’s name is Anne and his father’s name is Kevin.  He has two sisters — one named Maggie and the other named Rory. Maggie graduated from MassArt in 2017.
Liam currently resides within the major known as Illustration, though he has been known to fluctuate between forms.  Some would call Liam slightly above average height and some would call Liam much shorter than your average NBA player; some would also say Liam is a good biker whilst others would absolutely disagree.  Liam wants to love the life of a person like many other people but as a scientific test subject he has struggled to maintain a low profile.
The writer of this bio was not Liam Mahoney; it was in fact not any of the Mahoney clan, you can call him (me) mail.  Liam is entering his senior year at MassArt and can’t wait to work and meet all of the incumbent class.  Liam has two dogs — he loves them very much.  His favorite thing about MassArt is the people — he loves the people, he can’t stop talking about the people, he just cares so much about the people……………………people.

Callie Mastrianni

Hi everyone! My name is Callie (she/her/hers).  I’m a senior double major in Illustration and Ceramics, with a minor in Sustainability.  I love goats, sunflowers, my tomato plants, and will take any opportunity to talk about Gilmore Girls.  My favorite part about MassArt is how we all get to come here to do what we love every single day!

Leanne Moore

Name: Leanne Moore (she/her/hers)
Hometown: Manchester, CT
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Sculpture
Fun Fact: I enjoy cooking
Favorite Thing about MassArt: The community

Xavier Muse

Name: Xavier Muse (he/him/his)
Hometown: Boston, MA
Class Year: Junior
Major: Film/Video
Fun Fact: I have had 4 casts on both arms and 2 concussions
Favorite Thing about MassArt: The openness

Ja’Hari Ortega

Name: Ja’Hari Ortega (she/her/hers)
Hometown: Boston, MA
Class Year: Sophomore
Fun Fact: I love to Dance!
My favorite things about MassArt are the Black Artists Union and the many opportunities for collaboration

Elliot Papp

Hi! I’m Elliot (he/him/his), and I’m a sophomore from Vermont.  I’m a Fibers major, but I’m also doing a lot of work with jewelry and I want to start working with glass as well!  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall.

Gaby Schaab

Hi! My name is Gaby (she/her/hers) and I am sophomore double-majoring in Fibers and SIM.  My favorite things about MassArt are all of the nice people that I’ve met and the opportunity to try so many new forms of art, like installation.  I am from Trumbull, CT and am proud to say that my home state invented the Pez dispenser, frisbees and so many other wonderful things!  On campus I am involved in the ReStore and Action for the Planet.  In my personal time, I make art about cowgirls, cook the best egg sandwiches in the Northeast and am always down to go a concert. I look forward to meeting y’all. 🙂

Saige Schrater

Hey! Im Saige Schrater (she/her/hers) and I am a sophomore in Photography.  I grew up in Andover, MA which is just 30 min north of Boston so I’m super familiar with the city. A fun fact about me is that I got to horseback ride through Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming which was the most amazing experience ever!!  My favorite thing about MassArt is how nice the community is.

Alice Sowa

Hi! I’m Alice (she/her/hers) from San Rafael California just 20 minutes north from San Fransisco. I’m going into my first year of Industrial Design (2021) and am minoring in Sustainability and Sculpture. Other than ‘arting’ I love animals, hiking, swimming and surfing/boogie boarding.  I love how Mass Art has so many open labs — the laser cut room being my favorite.  Welcome to Mass Art!

Josey Wermuth

I’m Josey Wermuth (she/her/hers).  I’m a sophomore in Sculpture with a minor in Sustainability.  I’m from Northbridge, Massachusetts.  I love that MassArt has all kinds of opportunities to explore any medium and really make your education unique to you. After I graduate I want to travel the country/world in a tiny house I build!




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