Meet The Primers

A Primer is a student leader who will serve as an Orientation guide and support you throughout the academic year. During Orientation in September, every new student will be assigned to a Primer who will accompany them to sessions, answer questions and help you transition to the MassArt community.  Primers represent a wide range of academic disciplines and are extremely resourceful. They are excited about getting to know you and assisting you in any way they can. Each of you will be in a group of about 15 other freshmen that is led by a primer during orientation.

Who will your primer be?
Meet the Primer Staff

Lead Primers 2017

Sam Kim

Kim, Sam

Name: Sam Kim
Year: Super Senior
Major: Industrial Design and Ceramics
Fun Fact: Fight me you will win

Erica Moriconi

Moriconi, Erica

My name is Erica and I’m a senior in Animation from Baltimore, MD. I’m so excited to be a Lead Primer this year! I love vegetables, my sketchbook and 90’s tv FBI agents. It’s so easy to get involved at MassArt, and it’s inspiring to be part of such an engaged community!

Primers 2017

Love Aridou


Hello! It’s Love here. I was born in Port au Prince Haiti, but spent most of my life in Massachusetts. I am a Senior in industrial Design and I love traveling, especially the part where I get to plan and pack for the trip, hundred degree weather and all things spicy. MassArt is a great place where you can make anything happen if you mean it!

Ariel Brenna

Brenna, Ariel

Hi everyone! My name is Ariel and I’m from Glenside, Pennsylvania, right around Philadelphia. I’m a junior in Illustration and I love it. Some of my favorite things are mac&cheese, bears, Kanye, dogs and Chance the Rapper (in no particular order). One thing I love about MassArt is the support and encouragement that all of our artists have for each other and how welcoming and inspirational that makes the artistic community. I will also be working at the Counseling and Wellness Center for the second time this year as a student advocate, if you ever have questions about wellness at MassArt! Can’t wait for an awesome year!

Riley Cady


Hi I’m Riley and I like people, places, and things. Even though I’m a sophomore Illustration major, I also have other skills besides drawing such as, sculpting, using my turn signal and knowing every word to the song, “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls. I’m from New Hartford, CT.  My favorite thing about MassArt is being part of such a great community with amazing artists!

Ariana Chariton

Chariton, Ariana

My name is Ariana Chariton and I am a junior in Fashion Design. I am from Walpole, Massachusetts where I grew up enjoying hobbies such as: eating cheez-its with spray on whipped cream, making ugly faces and constantly tripping over flat ground. I’ve been skydiving and one day I plan on having a super cute lil piggy named pancake. My favorite part of MassArt is the staff working around campus because their warmth and kindness makes me feel at home, shout out to Maria, the Bevs and Henry. Side note: I do not drink caffeine, I am naturally this annoyingly excited.

Hannah Clark

Clark, Hannah

I’m Hannah Clark, a Sophomore studying Industrial Design and Sustainability! Originally from the beautiful town of Hamden Connecticut and now living in Boston. My favorite thing about MassArt has to be the great community here! It’s so easy to get involved in the school and really feel at home. Fun fact about me is that when I was a little Hannah I licked a Monet Painting.

Kate Costello


Hello! My name is Kate and I am a sophomore in animation. I’m originally from Scituate, Rhode Island and have two awesome dogs back home. My favorite thing about MassArt is definitely the community and the friends you make; everyone here is very talented and welcoming!
Fun fact: Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest name.
Other fun fact: I only really spew fun facts about Rhode Island.

Caroline Del Vecchio


Hometown: Orange, CT
Class Year: Junior
Major: Industrial Design
Fun fact: Bulldogs are my favorite animals!
My favorite thing about MassArt is the amount of creativity and inspiration that occurs on a daily basis!

Eda French

French, Eda

My name is Eda French and I’m a junior Illustration major from Portland Maine! I love hiking, biking, competitive swimming and ultimate frisbee!!! My favorite thing about MassArt is that I have lots of opportunities to have art collaborations with my friends and classmates!

Leeah Gauvin

Gauvin, Leeah

Hello hello! My name is Leeah and I’m from Dartmouth, MA. I’m a senior in Animation and I’m just a purple-haired dork trying to make my way in the world. MassArt has a wonderful community and I can’t wait for ya’ll to be a part of it! See ya soon kiddos!

Aiden Gerstmyer

Gerstmyer, Aiden

Hi everyone!! I’m Aiden Gerstmyer from Concord, Mass, and I’m a junior in Illustration. Some things I enjoy include Gustav Klimt, bad jokes, stale memes, vaporwave, crayons, the heaps of good music coming out this year and voyaging across Boston. I would say my favorite thing about MassArt is the vibrant community of inspiring creators and engaging, charistmatic professors and peers. I’m super pumped to meet all of you and I hope you have a powerful summer!

Andrew Grimanis

AndrewGrimanis copy

Hey everyone! My name is Andrew and I’m from Andover, MA. I’m a senior in Art Education and Art History. I love cinnasticks from Dominos. I really like strawberry cheesecake Ben and Jerry’s. I also love smoothies or anything sweet. The thing that I love about MassArt is the community. Being surrounded by creative people is so exciting and helps me to become a better artist and person. During the upcoming year I’ll be one of the Godine Gallery Managers/Curators so if you have any questions about galleries or Art Ed or Art History or life @ MassArt HMU!!!! Can’t wait 4 orientation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to MassArt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Harney

Harney, Anne

Hometown: Stoneham, MA
Class Year: Senior
Major: Graphic Design
Fun Facts: I have a sixth sense for stumbling upon and seeking out the best free things (food, clothes, giveaways, etc.); I play rugby and used to play roller derby; I put ketchup and mayo on my cold cut sandwiches.
Involvement: Other than being a Primer, you can see me giving tours (maybe I gave you one?!) or being the recruiting chair for Wentworth Women’s Rugby (WHICH Y’ALL SHOULD JOIN!!!<3).
Favorite MassArt Things: The community, the support from everyone, all the awesome free events.

Meg Hood


Hi! I’m Meg and I’m from Gloucester, MA. I’m going to be a Sophomore at MassArt with a major in Fashion Design. I love mugs, I love yellow and I love crocs hehe (don’t judge me!!). What I love about MassArt is how welcoming everyone is and Huntington Ave is such a great area for the school!


Brendan Kenny

Kenny, Brendan

I’m Brendan from Malden MA– I’m a fibers major and I wear overalls at least three days a week! My favorite thing about MassArt is the interdisciplinary approach to our majors and working collaboratively with students in and out of my major


Matthew Charles Knight

Knight, Matthew

Hey! My name’s Matthew Charles Knight and I am from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. I am a Fashion Design major and a Fibers minor! A fun fact about me is that my favorite food is Thai food! My favorite thing about MassArt is how no matter what major you’re in, you’re surrounded by all different kinds of art and you are always experiencing new things.

Jake Lutter

Lutter, Jacob

Hometown: Lunenburg MA
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Graphic Design
Fun fact: I love making music and I have a big golden retriever named Ben who might just be my spirit animal.
Favorite Thing About MassArt: I love how conceptual and open minded MassArt is.

Liam Mahoney


Heyo all, my name is Liam Mahoney and I’m a junior in Illustration. I’m from Quincy, MA which is pretty close to Boston. I recently watched the animated adventure Inside Out and had to watch an imaginary cotton candy elephant die. I’m a huge fan of movies and directors like Paul Thomas Anderson. I love so many things about MassArt– some of my favorite things have always been the people and the sense of community. Have you seen Ferris Bueller?

Kayla Marriott

Marriott, Kayla

HELLO ! My name is Kayla and I’m from New Jersey, no need to say the town you wouldn’t know it. I am now a sophomore at MassArt studying Film. A fun fact about me, although they are all fun, is that I can lick my elbow! My favorite thing about MassArt has to be the community as well as the environment that is created here! Reach out to me for anything please or if you just wanna be friends I am game for that too.

Callie Mastrianni

Mastrianni, Callie

Hi! My name is Callie Mastrianni and I am from Hamilton Massachusetts. I’m a rising junior in illustration and ceramics. I love tending to my tomato plants, hiking and eating strawberries, and once I submitted an ice cream flavor idea to Ben and Jerry’s but they never got back to me. MassArt is amazing for so many reasons, but especially because of all of the opportunities we get as students!

Kamaryn Pendleton

Pendleton, Kamaryn

Hi guys! My name is Kamaryn Pendleton and I’m a sophomore in Film/Video. I’m from a tiny town in Maine called Dixmont, which is very very different from the city of Boston! I have three cats at home, all of whom I love equally. I enjoy recording my friends’ conversations (without them knowing) to use in video projects, and I’m super excited to be getting into my major this year! MassArt is an awesome place to be because everyone here is so unafraid to be themselves. It’s an amazing setting to learn and grow as an artist and a person!


Wren Quinn

Quinn, Wren

Hi! I’m Wren and I’m a Junior in Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM). I’m from Berkley, Mass. and I love all the opportunity that comes from being surrounded by creative people here at MassArt. A fun fact: When people ask me whether my hair is green or blue I don’t know what to tell them (it’s teal!)


Jesse Scott

Scott, Jesse

Heyo, my name is Jesse Scott. I am a junior in illustration. MassArt has a great community and it’s really easy to get involved. I come from a small town in Connecticut by the name of Griswold where I tend a farm. We own 7 dogs which are almost the size of ponies. I am also a member of the MassArt Basketball team, come join… ballislife.


Michelle Stevens

Stevens, Michelle

Hey! My name is Michelle Stevens and I’m a Junior majoring in Illustration and minoring in Sustainability. I’m from Westborough, MA, which is a little less than an hour away from Boston. Some of my favorite things are: embarrassing my friends by dancing in public, running, journaling, the ocean, exploring new places and skating (I work at the Boston Common Frog Pond as a skate guard during the winter!) My favorite thing about MassArt is the vast variety of majors and course options, along with the community. This school is the best home away from home an artist could ask for 🙂

Maddie Sweet

Sweet, Maddie

My name is Maddie Sweet and I’m from North Attleboro, Ma. I am a Junior in Illustration and I hope to be a children’s book illustrator. I love to knit and I’m a classically trained singer. My favorite thing about MassArt is the sense of community, it feels like one big family.

Amber Taschereau

Taschereau, Amber

I’m Amber and I’m an animation major here at MassArt. I’m a senior this year and I hope that everyone will enjoy my final animation as much as they did my previous films. During the school year I live in Brookline, MA but during the summer I return home to Burrillville, RI where I work as a waitress/ bartender. I have a twin sister, but Alexa isn’t as cool as me.

Morgan Vernon

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Hometown: Essex, CT
Class Year: Sophomore (2020)
Major: Fashion Design
Fun Facts: #1 My favorite body of water is the Marianna Trench. #2 My favorite childhood TV show was Wacky Races.
My favorite things about MassArt are the students and the community here. So many people can brighten your day effortlessly. There is never a loss of inspiration living in the city with this unique group of people living around you. Also, check out other departments. I am a fashion major but took a glassblowing class my Foundation Year and decided to minor in it. MassArt offers a lot, you just have to want to find it.


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  1. Hi, I’m kind of lost and I can’t find any info on my question so I am reaching out to you! I want to apply to MassArt for next year! But I want to know what an average day is like as far as like a class schedule goes. But I can’t find an example anywhere. I can’t even find an academic advisor to email. Do you have any ideas?


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